Quanta Dialysis Technologies Expert Perspective Webinar



Quanta Dialysis Technologies, a British medical technology innovator, kindly invites you to save the date for a Webinar on Monday 21 September 2020 at 16:00 BST | 11.00am ET | 08.00am PT.

The virtual presentation will feature expert speakers covering a range of topics with a focus on home dialysis and end with a live moderated Q&A, led by Tina Tan, Executive Editor at FirstWord Medtech, where you will have the opportunity to address questions to the panel.

Current featured speakers

John E. Milad, Chief Executive Officer, Quanta Dialysis Technologies
Veronika Dubajova, European Medtech Analyst, Goldman Sachs
Dr Sandip Mitra, Consultant Nephrologist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Paul Komenda, Chief Medical Officer, Quanta Dialysis Technologies
Maddy Warren, Patient Advocate and Home Dialysis Patient

If you would like more information, please contact quanta@consilium-comms.com or to attend, please click here to register.

About Quanta Dialysis Technologies – quantadt.com About Quanta and SC+ Based in the Midlands of the UK, Quanta is a technology-enabled provider of innovative dialysis products and services. Quanta aims to improve the lives of dialysis patients through beautifully engineered solutions. The lead product SC+ is a small, simple and versatile
haemodialysis system designed to provide greater freedom and flexibility in the delivery of life sustaining dialysis treatments — making the therapy manageable to a broad range of users across a wide range of environments, from the ICU to the home.

SC+ is CE Marked and commercially available in the UK, where it has been successfully used to treat patients across a range of care settings, from the ICU and the clinic to the home. The innovative and patented technology behind SC+ is based on a design breakthrough that allows all dialysate fluid management to be conducted on a small, lightweight, disposable cartridge. The unobtrusive, simple-to-use and digitally connected design of SC+ is intended to empower more patients to take control of their lives with selfcare and home dialysis. Meanwhile, as a portable, compact, and versatile device, SC+ provides flexibility to deliver across a wide range of use environments and prescriptions. SC+ is not yet FDA cleared and not yet available for sale in the USA

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