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Make room for what matters

Weighing just 71 lbs (32 kg), the SC+ hemodialysis system is compact and lightweight, able to seamlessly blend into the hospital, clinic or home.

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Saves time and reduces your risk

Our proprietary disposable cartridge generates dialysate on demand, eliminating the need for disinfection and descaling after each treatment, minimizing cross-contamination and the risk of infection. 

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Flexible kidney care solutions for any setting

SC+ offers flexibility of prescriptions and effective treatment options for the hospital, clinic and home. It ensures optimal clinical outcomes with best-in-class fluid accuracy.

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Integrates into any water infrastructure

With its unique modular design, SC+ allows for adaptability in any setting. It easily integrates into your existing water infrastructure, or forms a single portable stack with its companion mobile water cart.


Connects to Quanta's digital health platform

SC+ works with Quanta’s cloud-based digital health platform to make managing treatment data, remote patient monitoring, technical support and troubleshooting easier.

Macrobert Award

Award winning technology

Team behind revolutionary portable dialysis machine wins award for UK’s top engineering innovation of 2022

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