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Advantages & Benefits

Simple setup and take-down coupled with easy to follow on-screen instructions makes dialysis accessible to a broad range of users.

With the proprietary QDS™ dialysate cartridge, fluids never touch the device, eliminating the need for chemical disinfection.

Integrate into any dialysate quality water infrastructure with the modular and mobile QDS water purification cart, available as is or with a standalone RO, that can easily be placed across the continuum of care.


We engineered the Quanta Dialysis System to deliver an end-to-end kidney care solution wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for the patient.
Ease of Use
The simple, intuitive design of the Quanta System reduces set-up time with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions—for optimized training in as little as 4.5 hours, reducing the burden on healthcare staff, while increasing accessibility for patients.2,3
At only 71 pounds, the system is modular, allowing it to be easily transported and set up from location to location. With a tap-to-drain solution built in, it can be used with a portable RO or integrated into any existing water infrastructure.2 The Quanta Dialysis System is designed to be used almost anywhere, providing flexibility for dialysis patients and their providers.
The system is connected to Quanta’s cloud-based digital health platform. Dozens of sensors remotely monitor the system’s health to ensure optimal performance and assist with troubleshooting.2
Flexible prescription therapy is possible with the Quanta Dialysis System. With high dialysate flow rates of 500 ml/min and low dialysate flow rates of 300 ml/min, it can be customised to address individual patient needs, allowing more clinical versatility than ever before.1,4
The single-use, cartridge-based system allows you to generate and manage dialysate fluid on demand while eliminating the need for post-treatment disinfection and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.2,4
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This video can help you set up, use, and change cartridges on the Quanta™ Dialysis System.

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Our thoughtful design allows for effective use across multiple care settings, while our customer commitment goes far beyond convenience. We offer flexibility and control through innovative technologies and powerful clinical performance, delivering the kind of quality dialysis treatment that keeps our providers and their patients focused on what’s most important to them: kidney health.

Industry-leading fluid management accuracy

The only portable hemodialysis system able to deliver a high dialysate flow rate of 500 mL/min, while also having the flexibility to deliver longer, slower therapies at a dialysate flow rate of 300 mL/min such as SLED.2 It has a demonstrated flow balance accuracy +/- 1 mL/hr and UF accuracy of +/- 13 mL/hr.1

Reduce risk of cross-contamination

With our proprietary cartridge-based Quanta Dialysis System, there’s no need to disinfect or descale after each treatment, meaning fewer chemicals in the facility and a reduced exposure to staff and patients.2

Adapt to any water infrastructure

Improve service efficiency and enhance your dialysis capabilities with the modular design of the Quanta Dialysis System, which is compatible with any water source and allows you to purchase only what you need.2

QDS™ Water Cart

Elevate your experience

The QDS Water Cart provides the ultimate mobile and modular approach to water purification. Available as is or with the Mar Cor 300 H reverse-osmosis system, the Water Cart and RO work anywhere with an existing water supply. Designed with an integrated water prefiltration system, simply roll the cart to the water supply and connect.2

QDS Digital Connectivity

Remote support and monitoring from the cloud

Intuitive and easy to use, Quanta’s digital connectivity is an invaluable way for patients and healthcare providers to stay on top of patient care. From our dialysis system’s guided touchscreen display that allows for easy-to-understand patient data, to the remote monitoring capabilities that aid in remote troubleshooting and 24-hour hot swaps, it’s the kind of flexibility that comes with Quanta innovation.2

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Seeing is believing. Contact us today to see the Quanta Dialysis System in action.