Usable space and operational efficiency are important considerations for healthcare providers across the care continuum. That’s why the Quanta™ Dialysis System was designed with the user in mind. Its simple set-up, ease of use, and intuitive design improve operational efficiency, lowering labour costs while delivering clinical flexibility that benefits your staff, administrators, and patients.1

More productive staff1

Address labour shortages and high staff turnover by enabling new hires and nonspecialised staff to easily deliver haemodialysis.

The system is intuitive, easy to use, and quick to train for staff.

More efficient operations

No need to disinfect or descale after each treatment with proprietary dialysate cartridges.1

Intuitive display and design reduce training time (to as little as 4.5 hours).2

11 easy-to-follow installation instructions.1

Hot swap capability minimises downtime for less treatment disruption.

More clinical versatility

Customisable flow rates for individual patient needs.1

High dialysate flow rate (500 mL/min) delivers power of large conventional device in patient-friendly form factor.1

Low dialysate flow rate (300 mL/min) conserves concentrates for lower, longer treatment sessions.1

Precise fluid management with highly accurate volumetric control at mean accuracy +/- 1 mL/hr for flow balance and +/- 13 mL/hr for ultrafiltration (UF).3

More available space1

Compact, mobile (within clinical settings) device brings dialysis directly to the patient.

Lightweight and modular system works with existing ring main and reduces the need for a portable RO.

Easily integrates into existing infrastructure using tap-to-drain solution.


I love the cartridge—I’m wowed by that technology, and I love how it’s all contained. I love that this machine can provide dialysis 3 days per week. I think that it offers a lot of flexibility. My ‘ah-ha’ is that it’s extremely flexible in different environments.

Dr Andrew Lazar

Chief of Nephrology

Ahuja Medical Center


The Quanta Dialysis System has been safely installed and, due to its ease of use, Quanta has been able to deliver training in under 6 hours, enabling our ICU nurses to quickly, effectively, and efficiently treat those people that need it most. In the long-term, we are looking forward to seeing these devices used in our patients’ home settings.

Dr Emma Vaux

Nephrologist and Physician

Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust


Disclaimer: The Quanta Dialysis System is FDA-cleared for use on patients with acute and/or chronic renal failure when administered by a trained person in an acute or chronic care facility. It is a small, easy-to-use haemodialysis system that was designed for portable use without compromising on dialysis performance. or nocturnal use in the US.
Efficacy and safety of the Quanta Dialysis System

At Quanta, the patient comes first. The Quanta Dialysis System and QDS Water Trolley provide a modular and robust solution that brings clinical versatility, flexibility and user confidence to multiple care settings. Whether used for self-care in-centre (SCIC), at home, or in acute settings, the Quanta System offers the simplicity required to be operated by a broad range of users with its quick training and setup times and guided touchscreen display. The system allows for customisable haemodialysis prescriptions with high flow rates of 500 ml/min and low flow rates of 300 ml/min, and its unique disposable cartridge that eliminates the need for daily disinfection and may reduce the chance of cross-contamination.  

Source: Quanta Dialysis User Manual.

System flow balance optimisation and fluid removal accuracy

The use of passive and active control allows errors to be minimised across a wider dynamic range of conditions. For the Quanta Dialysis System (previously known as the SC+), the average flow balance error was 1 mL/hr with an SD of 19 mL/hr, and with ultrafiltration it was 13 mL/hr and an SD of 20 mL/hr across all conditions. This paper demonstrates that the haemodialysis system, a small, simple, and versatile CE marked device, operates within the limits required by international standards across a wide range of experimental conditions.

Source: PubMed and AMA citation: Buckberry C, Hoenich N, Komenda P, Wallace M, Milad JE. Flow balance optimization and fluid removal accuracy with the Quanta SC+ hemodialysis system. Expert Rev Med Devices. 2020;17(8):835-843. doi:10.1080/17434440.2020.1796634

Human factors testing of the Quanta Dialysis System

As part of the Quanta System’s (previously known as the SC+) design validation, human factors testing was performed with 17 healthcare professionals (nephrology nurses and healthcare assistants) and 15 home users (patients and caregivers). To assess usability and safety, the human factors testing involved between 4.5 and 6 hours of training and, after a period of training decay, a subsequent test session in which participants independently performed tasks on the Quanta System. Between the 2 user groups, there were only 29 errors observed out of 1216 opportunities for errors, despite minimal training. Errors that did occur were minor and attributed to an initial lack of familiarity with the device; none were safety related. Among prevalent dialysis patients and healthcare professionals, the haemodialysis system was easy to use, even with minimal training and a learning decay period, and had a high level of use safety.

Source: Per PubMed and AMA citation: Harasemiw O, Day C, Milad JE, Grainger J, Ferguson T, Komenda P. Human factors testing of the Quanta SC+ hemodialysis system: an innovative system for home and clinic use. Hemodial Int. 2019;23(3):306-313. doi:10.1111/hdi.12757

UK comparative costs for Quanta Dialysis System self-care vs facility-based care

In the United Kingdom, most haemodialysis patients currently receive facility-based dialysis costing more than £36,350 per year, including patient transport. We found that the Quanta System (previously known as the SC+) offers improved cost-effectiveness for both 3-weekly and 3.5-weekly self-care dialysis performed at home or as self-care in-centre versus fully assisted dialysis provided 3 weekly with conventional machines in centre.

Source: Per PubMed and AMA probable citation: Ferguson TW, Harper GD, Milad JE, Komenda PVJ. Cost of the quanta SC+ hemodialysis system for self-care in the United Kingdom. Hemodial Int. 2022;26(3):287-294. doi:10.1111/hdi.12994


This video can help you set up, use, and change cartridges on the Quanta Dialysis System.

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What is the Quanta Dialysis System?

The Quanta System is a compact haemodialysis device with performance comparable to a large traditional dialysis machine, with all the flexibility you need to deliver treatment, regardless of the care setting. With its compact size, intuitive design, simple user interface, and proven performance, the Quanta Dialysis System gives patients more flexibility and control and less complexity, less wasted time, and less wasted space.

How big is the Quanta Dialysis System?

With a small total footprint (ADD dimensions of the dialysis system only) and weighing at just 32 kg, the Quanta Dialysis System is the lightest haemodialysis device on the market.

Source: Quanta Dialysis System User Manual.

How does the Quanta Dialysis System differ from other devices on the market?

It uses a proprietary disposable cartridge to generate and manage dialysate fluid on demand, in addition to being the lightest haemodialysis device on the market, eliminating the need for post-treatment disinfection, reducing contamination risk and turn-around time, while improving uptime.

Source: Per PubMed and AMA citation: Komenda PVJ, Harper G, Wilson LM, Mitra S, Breen C, Milad JE. Hemodialysis with the Quanta SC+: efficacy and safety of a self-care hemodialysis machine. Kidney Med. 2020;2(6):724-731.e1. doi:10.1016/j.xkme.2020.07.007

Is the Quanta Dialysis System available for commercial use?

Yes, the Quanta System is currently commercially available in the United Kingdom for home, clinic, and hospital use. It is also FDA-cleared for use in hospital and clinic settings in the United States. 

Does Quanta offer support beyond the system?

Quanta provides end-to-end services to ensure that you are set up for success. Optional installation support, in-depth clinical training, 24/7 technical support and hot swap, and a continued partnership with our nurses ease onboarding and implementation.

How much does the Quanta Dialysis System cost?

To learn more about pricing of the Quanta System, please contact us.

How long does it take to train clinical staff on the Quanta Dialysis System?

With easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions, new staff can competently and safely provide dialysis with the system in as little as 4.5 hours of training.

Source: Per PubMed and AMA citation: Harasemiw O, Day C, Milad JE, Grainger J, Ferguson T, Komenda P. Human factors testing of the Quanta SC+ hemodialysis system: an innovative system for home and clinic use. Hemodial Int. 2019;23(3):306-313. doi:10.1111/hdi.12757

Does the Quanta Dialysis System integrate into my existing water infrastructure?

The Quanta system is compatible with a wide range of portable and stand-alone reverse osmosis devices. Designed as a ‘tap-to-drain’ solution, it offers the ability to dialyse in any environment where water and electricity are available. This modular approach also facilitates installation, mobility within clinical settings, and Quanta’s 24-hour hotswap replacement service. 

Source: Quanta Dialysis System User Manual.

How can I get involved or support clinical trials with Quanta?

To learn about upcoming clinical trials, please email medical.affairs@quantadt.com, and someone from our Medical Affairs team will be in touch with you.

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