Quanta is transforming kidney care by delivering true flexibility and freedom that puts you back in control. Enabling you to customise treatments, get dialysis on your time, and receive clinical performance when, where, and how you want, on your terms. That’s the power of control, the power of the Quanta Dialysis System. 

More simplicity

With 11 simple steps and in as little as 25 minutes, your home dialysis system is ready for use.

More ease of use

With its intuitive design, simple instructions, and clear, guided touchscreen, backed by direct connectivity to Quanta support, the Quanta System is a breeze to operate.

More control

You are in control of your treatments from the convenience of your home, reducing burdensome trips to your dialysis centre. 

Designed for home, designed for you

The Quanta Dialysis System was designed with the user in mind. Its compact size, discreet design and light weight (at 32 kilograms, it’s much lighter than traditional machines) prioritise patient freedom and machine aesthetic. But the convenience isn’t just about size; it’s about giving you more of what you want – kidney care that helps you live a better life, with far less burdens on time, travel, and mental health.


My experiences of in-centre dialysis were really challenging; dialysing only three times a week didn’t make me feel well and with all the travelling and side effects, it was exhausting. As soon as I heard about home dialysis, I knew I wanted to do it, but I initially went home on a different machine that didn’t give me great clearance. Since switching to the Quanta Dialysis System, I feel so much better. My clearance is excellent, the fluid removal is much more accurate, and it’s quicker and easier to set up the machine. I am finally feeling well enough to think about getting back to volunteering and eventually working again.

Natasha H.​

Dialysis Patient


Would love to have this machine as it is state-of-the-art and takes up little space. Less intrusive than the current large machines. Hurry up and purchase one for me. Will revolutionise patients’ lives.

Tobias P.

Dialysis Patient


The first time I tried using Quanta’s Dialysis System, my blood was cleaned within one dialysis session. It’s highly accurate and has given me a major energy and well-being boost. It’s given me back control over my life.

Lewis T.

Dialysis Patient


Having the Quanta Dialysis System at home has enabled me to be there for my daughter and my family, as well as fitting in work and having so much more flexibility in my life.

Kujit S.

Dialysis Patient


What is the Quanta Dialysis System?

The Quanta System is a compact haemodialysis device with performance comparable to a large traditional dialysis machine, with all the flexibility you need to deliver treatment, regardless of the care setting. With its compact size, intuitive design, simple user interface, and proven performance, the Quanta Dialysis System gives patients more flexibility and control and less complexity, less wasted time, and less wasted space.

How big is the Quanta Dialysis System?

With a small total footprint (ADD dimensions of the dialysis system only) and weighing at just 32 kg, the Quanta Dialysis System is the lightest haemodialysis device on the market.

Source: Quanta Dialysis System User Manual.

How does the Quanta Dialysis System differ from other devices on the market?

It uses a proprietary disposable cartridge to generate and manage dialysate fluid on demand, in addition to being the lightest haemodialysis device on the market, eliminating the need for post-treatment disinfection, reducing contamination risk and turn-around time, while improving uptime.

Source: Per PubMed and AMA citation: Komenda PVJ, Harper G, Wilson LM, Mitra S, Breen C, Milad JE. Hemodialysis with the Quanta SC+: efficacy and safety of a self-care hemodialysis machine. Kidney Med. 2020;2(6):724-731.e1. doi:10.1016/j.xkme.2020.07.007

Does Quanta offer support beyond the system?

Quanta provides end-to-end services to ensure that you are set up for success. Optional installation support, in-depth clinical training, 24/7 technical support and hot swap, and a continued partnership with our nurses ease onboarding and implementation.

Is the Quanta Dialysis System available for commercial use?

Yes, the Quanta System is currently commercially available in the United Kingdom for home, clinic, and hospital use. It is also FDA-cleared for use in hospital and clinic settings in the United States. 

Does the Quanta Dialysis System integrate into my existing water infrastructure?

The Quanta system is compatible with a wide range of portable and stand-alone reverse osmosis devices. Designed as a ‘tap-to-drain’ solution, it offers the ability to dialyse in any environment where water and electricity are available. This modular approach also facilitates installation, mobility within clinical settings, and Quanta’s 24-hour hotswap replacement service. 

Source: Quanta Dialysis System User Manual.

How long does it take to train clinical staff on the Quanta Dialysis System?

With easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions, new staff can competently and safely provide dialysis with the system in as little as 4.5 hours of training.

Source: Per PubMed and AMA citation: Harasemiw O, Day C, Milad JE, Grainger J, Ferguson T, Komenda P. Human factors testing of the Quanta SC+ hemodialysis system: an innovative system for home and clinic use. Hemodial Int. 2019;23(3):306-313. doi:10.1111/hdi.12757

How much does the Quanta Dialysis System cost?

To learn more about pricing of the Quanta System, please contact us.


This video can help you set up, use, and change cartridges on the Quanta Dialysis System.

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