Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment. But currently, it’s largely based on an antiquated care model that requires intensive time, bulky equipment, and rigid demands on patients and providers. At Quanta, we believe there is a better way.

Quanta offers the kind of flexible kidney care solutions that put you in control. Our Quanta Dialysis System was developed with the user in mind. Its compact, modular, and powerful design enables users to customise care, optimise operational costs, and deliver proven clinical performance when, where, and how you want—all on your terms. And with that level of control, acute and chronic facilities give patients and those that care for them the dialysis experience they deserve.1,2

Quanta gives you the power to make dialysis care your own.


Our leaders guide our purpose to transform the world of kidney care for everyone. This is the foundation for everything that we do. From our executives to our board of directors, we are united in our mission to make dialysis accessible to every patient in every setting.


Our patient advocacy team has gathered the following recommended list of resources and support groups for people who have kidney disease to explore. These national and local advocacy groups across the kidney community help ensure that people get access to the information and support they need to manage kidney disease more effectively. These organisations are dedicated to improving health equity and quality of life.

Kidney Care UK

Kidney Care UK are the UK’s leading kidney patient support charity, offering advice, support, financial grants, and assistance to thousands of kidney patients and their families every year.

National Kidney Federation (NKF)

Fuelled by passion and urgency, NKF is a lifeline for people affected by kidney disease. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

Kidney Research UK

BIGGER, faster and bolder than ever before, and grounded in the hopes and needs of the kidney community. Kidney Research UK is the leading kidney research charity in the UK, with an urgent mission to end kidney disease.
  1. Komenda P., et al. Hemodialysis with the Quanta SC+: Efficacy and Safety of a Self-Care Hemodialysis System. Kidney Med. 2020; 2(6):724-731.
  2. Buckberry C., et al. Flow balance optimization and fluid removal accuracy with the Quanta SC+ hemodialysis system. Expert Rev Med Devices. 2020 Aug;17(8):835-843.

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